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Thanks folks! We look forward to looking at all of your work and putting together a great Spring 2014 issue!

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at Pub Faire, 2/28/14

I’m so sorry for the really bad quality of this video, but Felix rocks and it was amazing to watch them preform this song with a trash can for a drum.  

Bard folks! It’s time to start wrangling your writing and art portfolios together to submit your work to Lux for the spring issue! As usual, we ask that all text and image files be sent in an attachment—for formatting sake, we would prefer if you did not simply copy and paste your poetry into an text box. For artwork, send us the highest quality file you can, so when we publish, all the art will look beautifully crisp and clean. Submissions and any questions you may have should be sent to our email: 
The deadline is April 1st! So if you’re interested in submitting it’s time to start sending is your work! We eagerly await your submissions :)
The blunt fact is that the SAT has never been a good predictor of academic achievement in college. High school grades adjusted to account for the curriculum and academic programs in the high school from which a student graduates are. The essential mechanism of the SAT, the multiple choice test question, is a bizarre relic of long outdated twentieth century social scientific assumptions and strategies. As every adult recognizes, knowing something or how to do something in real life is never defined by being able to choose a “right” answer from a set of possible answers (some of them intentionally misleading) put forward by faceless test designers who are rarely eminent experts. No scientist, engineer, writer, psychologist, artist, or physician—and certainly no scholar, and therefore no serious university faculty member—pursues his or her vocation by getting right answers from a set of prescribed alternatives that trivialize complexity and ambiguity.
written by Leon Botstein, President of Bard College

(Source: allthewaydown)

Lux Editors John, Cypress, and Josh hanging out in the Lending Library with contributor Allie Shyer. Lookin’ the cutest. 
The Lux Lending Library is now up and running 24/7 in Sawkill! 
The rules are simple: take a book, leave a book. We have books ranging from philosophy, religion, foreign language, microeconomics text books, literature,  plays, fysem books and sociology texts. They are there for you to read and to take, all we ask is that you please leave a book behind in our crate so that our library can continue to grow.

Mary Willingham tried to help struggling student-athletes at the University of North Carolina learn to read. First it was just one case, then another and another.

Seeing a bigger problem, Willingham researched the reading abilities of football and basketball players at the Chapel Hill campus, and then raised the alarm when she found many with only elementary school literacy, so low they were unable to follow college courses.

Read More and also check out CNN’s analysis results from other Universities here.

copy editing extends into the void of the night / like a half-meant embrace

We are beginning the review process, and while it has been difficult to get pieces this semester, we editors feel delightfully surprised at all of the pieces that slipped under the radar and that we are now just getting a chance to thoroughly review. Excited by the prospects of this magazine.

Also, you still have an hour to submit! Go for it!

24 hours left to submit your work to be considered for the Fall 2013 issue of Lux Literary Magazine!
Fame, glory, and untold wealth await.
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ARTISTS OF THE BARD COMMUNITYWE KNOW IT’S HARD TO GET YOUR WORK INTO DIGITAL FORM WE ARE HERE TO HELP! If you have drawings or paintings, or sculptures and installations in your studio that you want to submit but don’t know how, don’t worry! Tomorrow afternoon, we will be hanging around Fischer to help you document your things :)
And if you don’t fall into the category of needing your work to be photographed, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Send us an email with an attachment of your work, art or writing or both, to LUX@BARD.EDU!

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