Ezra Pound ranks among the finest poets of his generation, but his greatest trait may have been his eye for talent in others.


“Ezra was the most generous writer I have ever known,” Hemingway later remarked. “He helped poets, painters, sculptors and prose writers that he believed in and he would help anyone whether he believed in them or not if they were in trouble.” By Hemingway’s estimate, Pound devoted only around one-fifth of his time on his own writing, focusing the rest of his energy on advancing the careers of others.

written by Apparently, Ezra Pound was a celebrator, per this fascinating read on how his letter to James Joyce changed the course of modern fiction. Pair with Pound on the six types of writers and his list of don’ts for budding poets.

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Pay no attention to the criticism of men who have never themselves written a notable work.
written by Ezra Pound

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